Imagine being homeless or transient during this unsure time.  While everyone else is "sheltering in place," you have no place to shelter at all.  Hospices are closed, food kitchens have disbanded, and your medical care has abruptly stopped. Now imagine that you have diabetes and heart disease, and are over 65 years old. You are the most at-risk of all citizens, and your uncontrolled medical conditions make daily survival a challenge. 

Redlands Walk-in Medical Services provides free medical services to the homeless and transient members of the Redlands, California community. Opened to meet the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, RWMS is a joint venture of the University of Redlands and Loma Linda University School of Allied Health Professions. Our clinic provides medical care and surveillance for those members of our community most in need during this international public health crisis. Donations will help us provide for medical supplies, protective equipment, and prescription medication for our patients. 

From all of us . . .a huge thank you for supporting this community service!

Our Mission

Redlands Walk-In Medical Services exists to provide healthcare to citizens without homes in the Redlands and Loma Linda municipalities. Our mission is to provide quality medical services without professional fees to the homeless and transient population who are most at-risk for chronic and acute disease.

Sharing in Service

This joint effort of the Loma Linda University and the University of Redlands is supported by the City of Redlands and community groups that are united in efforts to provide quality healthcare with dignity to all members of our community.